Coming to the end

It’s been a while since we’ve posted and as our trip comes to an end, our schedules have filled up somewhat.
During a wonderful few days in Pembroke with friends we don’t see often enough, we drank a lot of tea, talked and laughed a lot and walked the coastal path. A really fab place to end our travels.

Following that, we set off for Buckinghamshire for our friends’ wedding. A gorgeous weekend of chocolate box perfect English countryside, old friends and a great party soon followed. If you ever need any bunting put up in a marquee, get in touch with John and I – we helped develop an ingenious tecnique involving the parcel shelf from a car… 🙂

We’re off to another wedding this weekend too – John’s sister is getting married in North Yorkshire and the whole family has been involved in the preparations. I’ve been in Norfolk at my parent’s since Sunday night baking up a storm for the wedding cake and John will be doing the photos on the day. All very exciting!

In other exciting news, we have found a flat in Edinburgh. It’s a one bed place in Stockbridge with a great patio garden and access to lovely green spaces. Stockbridge is a really nice area with a good high street and close to the centre if town. We’re picking up the keys on August 1st so will be settling ourselves in over the next few weeks. We’ll be making sure we’ve got a comfy sofabed for guests so get in touch if you’re ever in Edinburgh!

Thanks so much to all of you who have been reading this blog this year, we’ve really enjoyed writing it and hope it’s been interesting to read. Hope to see some of you soon!

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One Response to Coming to the end

  1. mike hoyle says:

    Good news that you have found your nest in Edinburgh but sad too, as its a bit far for me. I’ve finally applied for a voluntary job in the publications department of Friends House, as I’m at Rehab UK (now called ‘Attend’) again. Last time I was at Rehab UK I began working as a volunteer at St Mungos homeless hostel in Euston (just behind Friends House) and started exhibiting my photography in the basement restaurant (when Rachel was working on reception), pictures which became the book ‘Wider Visions’. I am now working on a project about normalising the stigma of Mental Illness, and of how it breaks up families. My new book will be called ‘Visions’!
    Please say “hi!” to your parents from me Rachel, as I met them at Friends House ages ago.

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