Way out West

It’s been a while since we wrote anything on the blog but I hope John’s pictures have provided a taste of the things we’ve been seeing.

We’re in Ireland for a couple of weeks now, enjoying the west coast. We’ve spent a week in Northern Ireland already visiting family and friends and enjoying staying in a house for a change with John’s mum! We even got a bit of sightseeing in and visited the Giants Causeway, the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and went canoeing on the river Blackwater. The canoeing was particularly hilarious due to John’s kayak being too small for him. He lost all feeling in his legs and had to be lifted out bodily on to the Jetty where he lay for 10 minutes before he could move! Terrible to laugh at someone else’s misfortune I know but it was hard not to!

We then headed west and have been on Achill Island for the last couple of nights, camping right by the beach. We hired bikes yesterday and did a very sedate 25km ride that made is appreciate Thorina’s customised set up all the more… I think I’m just too big to for on most hire bikes!

Before leaving this morning we went for a swim in the beautiful clear waters (famous for the Atlantic rollers loved by surfers but pretty calm this morning). We got the surprise of our lives half way through enjoying our dip when we realised there was a pod of dolphins (about 10 we think) swimming and playing less than 50m away from us! I’ve never seen them that close before and to be in the water with them was amazing. Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning 🙂

Next we head to Connemara to do some walking in the 12 pins and then on to Galway.

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