A Hebridean Adventure

It’s been a while since we last blogged but we are now well and truly in the middle of nowhere!

After a lovely weekend near Oban with our friends Chris, Paul and baby Lucy, we took the evening ferry towards the Western Isles on Monday. A rather choppy (and distinctly seasick for poor Rachel) crossing later and we found ourselves on the windswept but beautiful island of Barra. There are no official campsites on the smaller islands but there are a few semi official spots with toilets and water points etc. We haven’t spent a single penny on camping fees since we arrived!

From Barra, our route has taken us north on to Eriskay, across the causeway to South Uist and on to North Uist. We’re currently camped by the ferry terminal at Bernaray (way more picturesque than it sounds) in preparation for another boat on to Lewis and Harris. From there we plan to travel back to the mainland via Skye and on to Edinburgh for a public philosophy lecture (me) and my sister’s hen do (Rachel).

Although it’s been more of a whirlwind tour than we would have liked (lack of planning on our part) we’ve absolutely loved the Hebrides so far. Acres and acres of wild, windswept landscape, amazingly narrow roads that skirt so close to the sea/lochs/mountain escarpments that you feel you might fly off the edge at any moment! Perfectly white beaches, beautiful free camping spots and super friendly locals and fellow campers. We’ve done a couple of half day walks and managed not to get blown off the mountains (though we have had to hang on to each other for support a fair few times!) Plus we’ve seen seals, deer and loads of beautiful seabirds. A trip is highly recommended!

The Bongo is going well and handling the terrain brilliantly. We’re getting used to where everything lives and how the different seating arrangements work, although Rachel did manage to drive over the picnic furniture we’d stored under the van this morning so we’re by no means experts yet… 🙂 Fortunately the furniture seems no flatter than before its mishap.

We’re hoping to post photos soon but maybe not until Edinburgh as signal is a bit patchy. Hope it’s a wee bit warmer and more springlike where you are.


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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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One Response to A Hebridean Adventure

  1. Robert says:

    Sounds good
    Weather here cooler so back in trousers (!)
    Have “plumbed” in a water butt to the garage downpipe so we’ve “dug our ditches” in preparation for the rain that must come ………..

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