The decisions are made!

And boy has it been a long process! It feels like we’ve been talking, discussing and running figures in spreadsheets for months! And to some extent, we have (alongside rather a large amount of freelance design work on John’s part and a big project for my parents business for me). As you all know, our original plan was to buy another narrowboat in which to cruise the inland waterways and then settle down come August/September close to a city where John could study for his MA in philosophy.

But things never quite work out the way you think they will do they? Having looked at a number of boats for sale but not feeling confident we’d found ‘the one’ just yet, we then went on a trip to Sheffield and Edinburgh to suss out both cities as possible places to live (John being the clever clogs he is had of course been offered places at both universities). We really liked both cities but after a large amount of deliberation, Edinburgh won the day.
So, one decision made! Having decided on Edinburgh though presented us with a whole host of boating problems… The Scottish canal system isn’t connected to the English one, meaning that we would need to put our new boat on the back of a lorry after our travels in England in order to get it to our new home. When we came to sell the boat a few years later, we would have to do the same thing again in reverse as the market for boats in Scotland is so small. Add to this issue the fact that there are very, very few residential moorings in Edinburgh and we were looking at some fairly serious obstacles.
Having done our maths and looked at property rental prices in Edinburgh, we decided to rent a flat instead of buying a boat. It gives us more flexibility, both financially and also with thoughts of a family in the future… We are really sad to say goodbye to the boating life but also excited in general about the new way of life in Edinburgh. At least we left boating on a high – 3 Mills would have been an impossible mooring to beat so we had it good while it lasted!
And it certainly doesn’t mean an end to our nomadic year. We have decided to buy a small campervan to travel around the UK and Ireland for the next 3-4 months so we will still get to see some beautiful parts of our country, just at slightly faster speeds!
We’ll still be blogging as we go and will have room for a couple of passengers at a time (though you may need to bring a tent, unless you fancy sleeping on a shelf!) so if you fancy a weekend away/need a lift somewhere, send us a comment or an email when we’re heading in your direction! We’re particularly looking forward to doing all those far away places (the highlands and islands of Scotland, far west of Ireland etc.) that would be tricky to get to in an ordinary holiday.
Hopefully the next post will be from the road!

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8 Responses to The decisions are made!

  1. Margaret says:

    Please let me know if you find a good place for bargain camper vans. I may be in the market also.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Decisions, decisions! I’m so glad that they’re made. Edinburgh sounds a good place to be, even without a boat. Look forward to hearing of your continuing nomadic life.

    With much love and all best wishes.


  3. Sounds like a good plan to me — you can always return to boating when the time is right. You are always welcome to come and stay on Calamity Jane when you need a fix!

  4. sampablokuper says:

    You lovely people!

    I hope I’ll see you while you’re on the road, although I’m guessing East Anglia isn’t high on your list of remote places to explore! So perhaps we’ll cross paths just as you’re setting off…

    x spk

  5. lucy everett says:

    hello both – exciting news! and congrats to john for getting a place for further study – in two places too! having been to Edingburgh, i can really see you both there, and imagine you’ll be able to get a fabulous flat will high ceilings and huge windows…hope dick and i will be able to visit before too long…love lucy x

  6. lucy everett says:

    p.s. when are you moving to scotland?

  7. Paul says:

    Hello both from Leicestershire.

    We’re really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Chris sends his love and is sorry he will miss you.

    Chris is at university in your seconf choice city and rates it at 100%.

    Paul and Hilary

  8. Paul says:

    OOOPPSS – I meant next Tuesday! A senior moment!

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