Istanbul at last

Well we made it, but not at all in the way we intended to… Everything went awry in the last couple of days. We had intended to wild camp but found the terrain was dominated by open farmland with no tree cover and villagers telling us that camping was a ‘problem’. Because of that we had to change our route dramatically so we could find hotels in bigger centres. That wasn’t the end of the world but then Rachel got sick. She has been battling a gum infection for a few days, and it really flared up yesterday as we approached Istanbul. So in the middle of a tangle of busy roads we called it a day. The only hotel we could find was very pricey but luckily they gave us a big discount when the manager saw our bike. Last night Rachel ran a fever and felt pretty awful, so we knew that rest and treatment was needed.

This morning we agonised about whether and how to get to the cheaper hotel we had booked 40km into the city centre. The agonisingly short distance was tantalisingly close, but we took the prudent option and travelled to the centre by taxi, leaving Thorina behind so we can cycle the last bit when we’re ready to. This certainly isn’t what we expected the finish to be like… But for now we’re happy to be here and very much hoping Rachel gets better soon.


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9 Responses to Istanbul at last

  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations! I am so pleased for you both and hope Rachel gets better soon.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I am sad that there wasn’t a glorious entry into Istanbul after the great journey — how I’ve enjoyed it vicariously! — and now give Rachel special love and hugs, and of course for you too!


  3. Carolan says:

    Oh no! I had a gum infection a couple of months ago, it was miserable. You should plan to go back and do the 40km in a particularly exciting style, in a way you couldn’t have done if you’d just gone straight on, e.g. dressed as pirates or with the streets lined with cheering fans or taking the nicest possible route you can find, even if it’s longer, just cos you can. And John, you can use your rest time to find a good place for official-end-of-cycle celebration while Rachel recovers.

  4. Gemma says:

    Congratulations on getting to Istanbul, but sorry to hear Rachel is not well. Get better soon and hope you can finish the last bit under your own steam!

  5. Margaret Fraser says:

    Hope Rachel can get hold of some antibiotics. Could make a huge difference to the way the trip goes.

  6. Margaret Elliott says:

    Hi Rachel, hope you are beginning to feel better, do what your body says, and as you rest, contemplate the triumphant ride in- with perhaps, ribbons & flags flying. Whatever, you have both had so much energy and drive -to achieve this
    love to you both, A. Margaret

  7. Alan says:

    Good work guys, an epic achievement 🙂
    Hope you get better soon Sis xxx

  8. Mary says:

    Get well soon Rachel!!! Well done both of you for making it so far, I guess now you can take things easy. Much love and hugs xx

  9. Andy says:

    Awesome! Hugs and hope to see you soon.

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