John gets his nose waxed!

He only went in for a haircut! This episode was too funny to save up for the next post.
John’s hair has been getting pretty long over the last month or so and today he decided to do something about it. I left him as he disappeared inside a barbers and said I’d come back to meet him in a while. I know how fast men’s haircuts are in Britain so I was back with him 15 minutes later expecting him to be almost done. Luckily for me the barber was just getting to the good bits!

After the cut was finished, the barber got out his lighter and proceeded to singe John’s ear hair off with the flame at full whack. After that some blue goo was spread on to his nose and left there for 5 minutes or so. This was too much for me and I dissolved in a fit of giggles, hoping the proprietor didn’t think me too rude! John settled for the understatement if the century: “they don’t do this in England!” While he was waiting for the goo to harden, John was treated to a vigorous shoulder massage and when the barber went unto his back room for a few minutes the massaging was taken over by his young assistant who used an electronic massager to pummel his back and shoulders. After the massaging, the goo was deemed hard enough and was then stripped from John’s nose rather quickly, taking with it the few fine hairs that resided there. Following all this was an eyebrow trim, an ear clean and the coup de grace, a lovely bright green cream was spread all over his chops and left there for another 10 minutes while we drank tea. It was a most surreal experience, drinking tea with my husband in a face mask… He was finally unceremoniously dunked head first in a sink of water to get everything off then liberally sprayed with various perfumes.

I can honestly say it was one of the funniest moments of the trip so far (for me at least) and I intend to encourage John to have a proper shave in Istanbul in the hope of more hilarity. Next time I’ll be better prepared with a camera!

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4 Responses to John gets his nose waxed!

  1. Dick says:

    Nose waxing, eh?

    So, questions:

    * Did it hurt?

    * Is your sense of smell now much improved?

    * When is Mrs. Fitzgerald going to get her fuzzy hooter sorted?

  2. Dad says:

    Just beware the Turkish baths – I went in Morocco with an English/Scottish guy who was staying in the same house as Anne and I. You basically strip down to your trunks, get very hot in this communal bath house and gaze in wonder at fathers “vigorously” washing their young sons and dowsing them with cold water. It is really very hot and I was so tempted by the buckets of cold water that I decided to dunk my head in one – big mistake – invigorating at the time but within 2 hrs I was streaming with cold symptoms that persisted for 12 hrs or more – acute rhinitis is very painful …
    I am very glad your experience was limited to embarrassment xx

  3. says:

    I’ve heard of a Brazilian, but perhaps permitting your nasal line line done is having a “Greek” ??

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