The home straight

It’s a bit more of a home dog leg really but that doesn’t sound as good!

We’re in Tekirdag, just three more days ride away from Istanbul. I think we’re both finding it a little difficult to believe that we are almost there… We’re taking a rest day tomorrow but then we’ll turn our wheels towards Muratli and Saray in order to approach Istanbul from the north. The road we have been following for the last two days apparently gets quite terrifying after Tekirdag so we won’t be sorry to leave it, although it’s been absolutely fine so far.

We left Alexandropolis on Sunday after two lovely rest days. They were mostly made lovely by our making new friends who had a tent big enough for 6 adults and 3 children to sit/play comfortably in! Such luxuries were even more greatly appreciated once the thunder storms kicked in… So a big hello and a huge thank you to Fiona, Peter, Mara, Archie and Euan (I’m really sorry if I’ve spelt any of your names wrong guys!) and Agnes and Peter. We had a great time chatting with you and particularly loved giving some of you tandem rides ๐Ÿ™‚ We hope the rest of your trips go really well. Just to put the Fitzgerald Freewheel into perspective, Fiona and Peter and family are driving from Scotland to South Africa…

After leaving Alexandropolis we’ve had two 80km days with a wild camp in between. After crossing the border at Kiri, we found a great spot just before Kesan and had a good night’s sleep before setting off early this morning. The traffic has been very light and although hilly, very manageable. In fact we managed to smash our current Fitzgerald Freewheel speed record today by getting up to 75kph.

The Turkish people have also been incredibly friendly. We’ve been tooted at and waved to more times in the last two days than almost in the rest of the trip! A crowd of young boys came running from their football game to high five us as we went past and we were given free tea in our first refreshment stop this morning.ย 
We’ll blog again on Friday – from Istanbul!

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3 Responses to The home straight

  1. Dad says:

    wow – thats 46.875 mph in English – I don’t think Mum would have appreciated that !! Had you picked up on the big fire at Istanbul rail station ?

  2. Alan says:

    Good luck on the last few days of the journey guys, hope you can get a train from Istanbul ok, if not, I suppose you could always cycle home ๐Ÿ˜› x

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