And then there were five…

We spent most of our rest day handwashing a large amount of laundry, so didn’t take up the excellent sightseeing suggestions. We’re glad to be wearing clean socks though… There was a moment of pure comedy at our campsite in Kavala. Rachel was frying some sausages for dinner when a cheeky cat walked right up, ignored Rachel’s most aggressive shooing attempt, and stole a sausage! Rachel was flabbergasted, the expression on her face was a picture- a mixture of astonishment and outrage. We stepped up to Defcon 3 and kept the rest of our dinner safe.

Packing up the next morning, one of our tent poles snapped with a bang. This caused a moment of discombobulation, but our repair kit includes a little sleeve so we soon fixed it.

We had breakfast at a cafe in town, ordering two crepes. A plate arrived with two on it, and we got ready to tuck in, only to discover another was on it’s way (the one on our plate was just a big crepe cut in half.) We were very excited to wolf down the lot.

We had a near miss with the weather on a plain not far from Kavala as some huge black clouds swept in from the north. Just as the first big drops fell, our road turned sharply south. We cycled off happily into the sunshine. At the end of the day, we found a great but buggy wild camp near Porto Lagos, just by the beach and sheltered by some trees.

This morning I tackled the world’s slowest puncture – I give it about two pumps once a day. Perhaps it’ll go the distance?

Rachel had a Bill Oddie moment as we spotted huge flocks of pelicans by the sea. Rachel had never seen them before. I am more travelled, and once saw one surrounded by tourists in St James’ Park.

We had a rare kebab stop for lunch (I think about our fifth or sixth hot lunch of the trip, am missing the Friends House canteen…)

At the end of the day we encountered an unexpected mountain pass, the hardest kind of pass. We kept cranking on, hoping to see the top. When we took a break halfway up, we experienced the world’s fastest puncture – a solid front tyre one moment, flat the next. Luckily the repair was quick too. Tomorrow we’ll be working on our backlog of tubes needing patches (3 so far).
We’re camped now in Alexandropolis, at a great campsite by the beach. Well placed for another rest day tomorrow.

We’ll be doing a bit less blogging in Turkey – pricey data! We plan to head to Tekirdag, then detour north to avoid the busier approach to Istanbul. After our rest day tomorrow, only five cycling days to go!


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3 Responses to And then there were five…

  1. Dick says:

    It’s an amazing bird, the Pelican …
    It’s mouth can hold more than it’s belly can.

  2. Jez says:

    cheeky cat!

  3. mike hoyle says:

    more resourceful adventurers could have been roasting pelican over the camp fire, and that beak-full of fish would have kept you in seafood crepes through the rest of Greece!

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