Only a few days left in Greece

We spent our rest day in Thessaloniki wandering round the shops, eating delicious fresh fish and generally marvelling at being in such a big city again (there was an inevitable Starbucks and a less expected Marks & Spencer!) I was particularly taken with the citrus trees that seemed to line every street. They look very pretty as their fruit is ready to pick but I couldn’t help wondering what on earth they do with it all. Perhaps there is a municipal marmalade making department? I hope so!

Leaving Thessaloniki proved much harder than we had expected. The city is built on a steep hill and the climb would have been bad enough without our cycling needless hilly loops trying to find the road we needed. As we ground up yet another big climb John speculated that perhaps Thessaloniki was a city established by cycle tourists who unable to find their way out, had simply settled there…

We made it eventually and headed for the coast. Our stop that night was in a small village near Stavros and we found a very cheap hotel room and had another excellent meal. The following day was really glorious weather and we really enjoyed our ride that followed the coast all the way round to Kavala.

We’re now staying in a campsite about 4km from the town and planning to be here for a couple of days. Believe it or not we’ve actually only got about 7 days more cycling to get to Istanbul and we’ve got plenty of time in hand so we’re taking it easy. Anyway, the campsite doesn’t have a washing machine and self service laundrettes don’t seem to exist in Greece, so we’ve got a fair bit of hand washing to do!

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3 Responses to Only a few days left in Greece

  1. Martyn Breeze says:

    Nice to hear you are in Kavalla – Ellie and I had a break there a long time ago. The island offshore is a nice place to visit (can’t remember its name but there was a daily boat I think). Martyn

  2. David says:

    Thasos is the island, or you could head inland to Philippi & Drama. If you have time in hand, detour towards the Dardanelles.

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