Today involved a great deal of freewheeling down the huge sunlit valley after the Katara Pass.

In fact, most of the climbing today was in the first hour, as we tackled the final 15km of up from Metsovo to the top of the pass. The Katara Pass is 1690m, pretty high for Greece. We were glad we followed the cunning strategy that worked so well on the St Gotthard – one long day with a rest near the top.

The weather was fantastic, too, so we were able to soak up the tremendous views as we whizzed down the switchbacks for 20km. I kept expecting the road to flatten out, but it kept on dropping all the way through the afternoon.

It finally flattened out as we caught sight of the amazing rock spires at Meteora, our destination for the day. We’ll be looking at these close up tomorrow (they have ancient monasteries on top) and will post photos soon. In the meantime, see below for a few pics from the pass.



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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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4 Responses to Wheee!

  1. Trish Carn says:

    Well done. You both look healthy and happy. What more could you ask! (Yes, I know, wealthy would be nice). Have a great time.

  2. Jean Parton says:

    Well done; sounds you had a great day – and Meteora – brings back memories – Jean D & I visited a couple of the monastries when on pilgrimage ‘In the steps of St Paul’. Enjoy.
    Jean P

  3. Nik says:

    Sounds amazing. You both look so well.

  4. Rachel says:

    Thinking about you two today! Sending many prayers and much love!

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