Up, up and away

Well we’ve taken Salty and Tanya’s advice and evacuated to a hotel – only it’s 60km away from our soggy campsite! The weather finally improved enough this morning to make the break from Ioannina so despite my not feeling 100% we went for it. Good job too as the campsite was rapidly merging with the lake!

Today was basically the first day of the Katara pass and our goal was Metsovo, the majority of the way up at 1200m. Ioannina is at around 500m so technically we should only have had to climb 600m but Greek roads don’t work like that… They go up and then take you right back down to the height you started at before presenting you with another set of switchbacks to climb once more! All in all we think we’ve climbed about 1000m today.

The grading was pretty good until the last 15k when it got much steeper and started to feel pretty relentless. John resorted to squeezing honey directly into his mouth from the rather helpfully shaped pouch packet! We also had to deal with some pretty fierce winds on the bends and the dog dazer got it’s first serious outing when a wild dog at the side of the road took exception to us. Luckily John is much braver than I am so I left him to look aggressive while I sidled up the road with the tandem…

In summary then, I was almost the most glad I have ever been to get off the bike today! (Narrowly pipped to the post by our arrival into Zurich after hours of being lost in the rain.) We’ve found a lovely little hotel and Metsovo seems a nice town. The weather’s not looking great again tomorrow but improving quickly on Friday so we’ve decided to stick around and explore. The best thing about being here right now though is having hot water on tap. After 4 nights of basically wild camping, we were on the verge of knocking each other out with our body odours! Ah the romantic lives we lead… 🙂

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3 Responses to Up, up and away

  1. Dick says:

    So … the dog dazer works then?

    Or did you just squirt honey at the malevolent crazed canine?

  2. Andy says:

    If it’s any consolation, the weather back here in Blighty is totally yuk! Hugs, Andy x

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