Up hill and down to Ioannia

As Rachel said, we had a great spot by a church two nights ago. As we sat at our little picnic area eating our tea, a friendly shepherd came past with a big herd of goats. We had a nice chat with him in German, and he reassured us that it was perfectly fine to camp by the church. As we talked, a few of his goats nibbled at anything they could reach. Fortunately they weren’t attracted to our tent or bike!

We had an early start the next morning. It was cool but sunny. As we headed down the mountain, we began a long foggy descent – a temperature inversion had trapped a lot of cold fog in the valley. We wrapped up warm, and I began to think better of wearing shorts…

We stopped at the first café we saw to get warmed up. We had coffee with some local gents while a small gas fire blazed. Odd after the sun yesterday.

We wrapped up warm again and set off into the mist. As the sun slowly cleared the mist, it was hot and cold by turns. We peeled layers on and off every 10 minutes. As it got really warm we found ourselves on a maddening climb. Without appearing particularly big, the hill conjured up extra slopes out of nothing every time we thought we had beaten it. I’d rather tackle an Alp!

We were finally rewarded with a
long downhill to Ioanina. We headed through town in search of the lake, then had an excellent lunch with a view of the lake. Energies restored, we searched out our campsite (closed, but open – you can pitch for free but no facilities).

This morning we’ve been marooned in Ioannia by a series of thundery downpours. The tent is holding up ok, but our pitch is getting a bit squelchy. While we wait for it to clear up we’ve retired to a nearby café called ‘Billy’s Corner’. Not sure if it is the same Billy of the white horse, but at least it is dry (and it has a loo).


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4 Responses to Up hill and down to Ioannia

  1. Dad says:

    Your experience on the hill that just kept going made me think how expectation is the root of all stress …….. Robert x

  2. Nik says:

    Better hope it’s not Billy No-Nose. Else it might cut up a bit rough.

  3. Gemma says:

    Your travels sound a little like ours- interspersed with long coffee stops and random encounters. Great to hear you are both having a good time. G&H X

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