Rachel’s worries come to nothing

Being a natural worrier, I had a number of worries about our time in northern Greece. Everything I had read told of mountainous terrain, remote country with a need to wild camp regularly, difficulty in finding enough water for the big climbs and to top it all off, very aggressive dogs. I can safely say that our first day in Greece has allayed my fears. Todays ride from Igoumenitsa was mountainous but well graded and manageable; we’ve passed a number of settlements along the way and been able to get water when we needed it; we’ve found a wonderful wild camping spot near a church with a drinking fountain next to it; and while we have met a lot of dogs on the road, the only ones who barked and chased after us couldn’t catch us because we were doing 40kph at the time! Another fab gift from our 3 Mills neighbours before we left was an electronic gadget called a dog dazer. It emits a high pitched noise that dogs and other animals don’t like. It hasn’t been used ‘in anger’ yet but its clipped to our luggage in easy reach of the stoker and I’m extremely glad to have it-thanks guys!

The roads have been fantastic with very little traffic and the people very friendly. To say nothing of the weather which has been perfect and really hot in the sun. Long may it continue, that’s what I say…

Tomorrow, we go on to Ioanina and from there we have to climb the Katara pass at 1700m before heading for Kalambaka and the monasteries of Meteora. Good job our climbing legs are in good shape!

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