Zadar to Split with a few stops in between

It’s been a while since we last blogged and we’ve seen a fair few places though we haven’t cycled a huge distance, which is always nice 🙂

We both really liked Zadar and were sorry to leave but the weather was perfect and we knew it was due to get worse so it made sense to push on. From Zadar we fairly demolished the 80k to Sibenik in about 3.5 hours (the roads have been flatter as we’ve got further south). Sibenik is another historic city on the water with narrow winding streets and an impressive cathedral. Unfortunately, it has a bit of a dearth of accommodation… I hadn’t looked very carefully at the address of the hostel I’d found online and it turned out to be 10k out of town. With no open campsites we were resigned to another hotel and quickly discovered there is only one in the whole of Sibenik! I guess having a monopoly means you can charge what you like and not worry too much about quality… Or maybe we’ve just been spoilt with the 4 star places we’ve ended up in occasionally, at super off-peak rates!

It was a bed for the night at least and we did have an excellent meal in a restaurant that evening. The next day we high tailed it out of town and headed for the Krka national park (thanks for the recommendation Carolan!) It was up a rather large hill but there was a campsite at the top that we knew was open and there was a fab freewheel down to the park itself. The park  is centred around the Krka river and its lakes and waterfalls. The boardwalks between them were a lovely way to see it all up close and we spent a very pleasant afternoon wandering around.

The next day we packed up the tent and pedalled off in the direction of Trogir. It was only 75k or so but the weather had turned grey and blustery and we were battling a headwind a lot of the time so it felt like hard work. More stunning coastal scenery and another good lunch spot though.

We made it to Trogir in good time and were very relieved to discover that the hostel there was not only very central but also open-the owner told us that he was closing for the winter today! Apparently in the summer, the old town of Trogir (the whole place is a UNESCO world heritage site) so full of tourists you can barely move. We had the place to ourselves! We went for dinner last night with Nick, a New Zealander, also staying in the hostel and the town looked very pretty by lamplight.

And finally on to today. We only cycled 30k today, just into Split and another campsite. We’re planning to explore the city tomorrow and then catch a bus to Dubrovnik on Wednesday morning for an overnight stay. The ferry tickets to Greece are booked and we leave on Thursday night, arriving into Igoumenitsa on Saturday morning. Only two more countries to go before our final destination! 

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