Picture special (this time with captions!)


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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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6 Responses to Picture special (this time with captions!)

  1. Margaret Elliott says:

    What wonderful pictures to cheer our grey wet day. You both look so well. I really enjoy all your bloggs.
    Auntie M.

  2. Dick says:

    Question: Pic 3 has a sign with 2 arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down. What does this mean? Jump up and down as you ride? Watch out for huge arrows? (I can work out the one with the pig though: “no more doughnuts” – right?

  3. Valentina says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying Croatia guys. Sorry we missed eachother… Really enjoying your blog!

  4. Jean Parton says:

    A very happy landmark birthday Rachel! – one you will not forget in a hurry no doubt. I do enjoy reading of your adventures and seeing your photoes. I am trying to keep up with you on my inadequate atlas. Just hoping the ferries are going to plan.
    love to you both. Jean

  5. Paul Finn says:

    Hi Rachel
    A very happy birthday to you from all the Finns.

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