A change of plan

After two rather nice rest days at Camping Simuni we got back on the bike yesterday and pedalled the 70k to Zadar.

The Dalmatian coast is just absolutely stunning. The sun has been in full force for the last two days and the wind dropped yesterday for our ride to Zadar with perfect timing. We had a gorgeous lunch spot right on the water in gloriously warm sunshine and with an amazing mountain view. Despite all the problems with weather and closed campsites, I still feel really lucky to be seeing all this in the off season. I can only imagine what it would be like when full of the thousands of tourists that descend in the summer months… I guess we’ll see if I’m still saying that in a couple of days time when the weather gets worse again as it’s supposed to… 🙂

Zadar is a great little town, really pretty with cobbled streets, lots of great sea views and a handy youth hostel just a couple of kilometers from the centre. There’s also lots of marinas full of sailing boats and John has been busy planning our next adventure. Apparently we’re going to sail round the world… ‘yes dear’ has been my stock response to that…

We’ve decided to spend the morning wandering around Zadar and then get back on the bike and head for Sibenik this afternoon.

One of the reasons for our slightly more hurried progress is that we have discovered that there are no ferries sailing from Dubrovnik to Greece (not even via Italy) in November. Instead we have to go from Split to Ancona and then from there to Igoumenitsa. Feels rather odd to be travelling back on ourselves but there’s not much we can do about it.

We really want to see Dubrovnik so have decided to head for Split, leave the bike and all our gear there than take a coach to Dubrovnik for an overnight stay before returning to Split for the overnight ferry to Ancona. All being well we should be in Greece next Saturday! Oh, and we’ve also decided to swallow the extra cost and take the train home so there’s a few more travel related logistics to deal with there too. Ah well, at least the cycling in between ferries and trains is simple!

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6 Responses to A change of plan

  1. Trish Carn says:

    Hello to you both,
    While you are glorying in the sun (and yes, I am envious), I am sweating over Quaker News. I hope to have a good bit of it done before you hit Greece. Glad to hear you are taking the train home and wondering when you start the ‘boat trip’. I thought there was this little university thing to be done in the middle.
    With love,

  2. Dick says:

    Rachel – If your husband want to go sailing round the world, you have to go with him.

    It’s marriage law. Look at the license, it’s all in there.

    Oh yes, you’ll be needing some new oily’s soon and no mistake ….

  3. Margaret says:

    yes you HAVE to see Dubrovnik

  4. Dave says:

    You guys have gone so far already! We all miss you here but it looks like you’re having fun. How was the chicken stock?


    • rachelfitzgerald says:

      Unfortunately we couldn’t find a chicken small enough to boil in our little camping stove… And I’m not sure the hotel we were staying in would have taken too kindly to our lighting it in their room either! John seems to have recovered without the aid of chicken stock though so we’re back to fighting fit x

  5. Sarah says:

    Glad you’re going to be taking the train home! Thanks for the blog, keep safe.

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