An accidental 4-star stay

We’ve been a bit slow of late as
I have come down with a bit of a cold. Nothing too serious, but we’re taking it a bit easier.

Last night we opted for a hotel in Senj, as the campsite was very gravelly and windswept. We had too much of a good thing, in that our room was fantastically hot. We found it tricky to nod off in 27 degrees!

We set off round the coast again this morning, with the road winding in and out of lots of coves.

Though very beautiful, the coast road was much hillier than thought, eventually winding its way to 400m/1200ft above the sea! It was almost empty of cars, however. We were alarmed by what looked like a nasty squall blowing up towards us (a grey wall of rain and a frothy sea) but it blew inland and the sun came out.

In an effort to make our day a bit easier, we opted to island hop from Rab to Pag, hoping this would make for flatter cycling. We got off to a good start, freewheeling down the steep hill to a little port, where we had a rare hot lunch while waiting for the ferry. A short crossing had us onto Rab, an island which is barren light-coloured rock on its inland side but much greener on its seaward side.

Here was where our plans unravelled, as none of the ferry routes off Rab marked on our map existed! We capped this blow with an increasingly fruitless search for a room. But we found a 4-star place in the end so we are comfortably marooned at any rate. Tomorrow we should be able to get a private boat onward to Pag. I’m hopeful that it might be a rather fine wooden ship just up the quay. Rachel is reserving judgement…


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3 Responses to An accidental 4-star stay

  1. Nik says:

    Buy a chicken. Boil it up and drink the stock. Stay in and stay still for a day (4 star good) and you will be cured. Trust me.

  2. Dad says:

    If in your island hopping you end up on Uglian the island directly off the coast of Zadar you could find my name written in the concrete over the drains I helped lay 37 years ago at the site of the Baptist campsite. If I could remember the name of the bay on the island you could catch a bus and the driver would drop you off at the top of the dusty track leading down to the site ……. it was wonderful swimming there ………

  3. Andy says:

    Wow! Just had a mammoth blog-reading session… Fab blog, keep up the good work 🙂 I am well envious! p.s. did I tell you about my friend who rode a rickshaw all the way back from the G8 in Genoa….

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