Three countries in five hours!

Very odd to whiz through a country so fast you don’t even have time to learn how to say hello in the local language!

We left Trieste at about 9.30 this morning and within 15 km we were in Slovenia. We’d chosen to take the main road route as we knew we were in for some hills and thought it would be slightly less epic following a major navigation. The road was certainly hilly but it wasn’t as bad as we had thought it might be and the traffic was fairly light. This left us able to enjoy the view, which was certainly spectacular. Softly rounded mountains, densely wooded forests and gorgeous autumnal colours. The road was mostly lined with trees and they were shedding their leaves all around us, falling like snow. The sun shone brightly most of the day too and was really warm to sit in even though the air is cool.

All too soon (just 32km), we were over the border into Croatia. Croatia immediately endeared herself to us by giving us a fantastic 8% descent for 3km and then generally continuing the downward trend all the way to Rijeka, our destination on the coast. The first sight of the sea from the coast road was stunning-I think I shall enjoy looking at that view for the next couple of weeks 🙂

The campsite we were hoping to stay at was closed but we have found a very reasonable hostel in town and are happily ensconced for the night. Tomorrow we continue our journey down the coast road towards Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. We are hoping to meet up with some friends near Split and then to eventually catch a ferry to Greece (possibly via Italy if there’s no direct service!) from Dubrovnik.

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One Response to Three countries in five hours!

  1. Carolan says:

    Ooh I spent a lovely week in Zadar a few years ago. Do make time on your trip to visit some of the national parks – Krka is particularly relaxing and lovely. Everyone told us Plitvice would be horribly full of tourists but we were just outside the season so really enjoyed it (lake after lake after lake, all pouring into each other with big and little waterfalls, and you walk over the lakes on little wooden walkways). We also went to Paklenica: it was beautiful but I’m not going to recommend it to you because it has big mountains in it, and it sounds like you’ve had enough of them.

    I was about to recommend our (enormous but full of nice things) campsite to you, Camping Zaton, but it seems to be closed for the winter.

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