Codroipo to Trieste

We left Codroipo yesterday morning, sad to say goodbye to the home comforts of Sergio’s flat but happy to be on the road once again. When we first started this journey, I had thought there might be times that we would find places and want to stay for a while. We’ve certainly seen some amazing places but the journeying between them has somehow been even better. Not that I’m not always grateful to get off the bike each evening! 🙂

The journey yesterday was one of two halves. The first half lovey and flat, winding through lots of little villages but with an overcast sky and the odd spit of rain. We seemed to be always just behind the worst of the weather though and the sky was cleaning from behind us. By the time we stopped for a picnic lunch in Gradisca, the sun was blazing down.

The afternoon ride was very beautiful but much, much steeper. The last 30k was fairly unrelenting in its gradual incline. Trieste is right at the bottom of a steep escarpement and our campsite turned out to be on top of the ridge with a wonderful view over the city to the sea. The sun was setting over the Adriatic as we arrived.

We had heard good things about Trieste so decided to stick around today. It’s a lovely city with lots going on. The harbour is beautiful and much to John’s delight there was an exhibition on about racing yachts and their design.

We have also been doing some logistical planning for our return journey from Istanbul. We had always planned to take the train all the way back and thought we had best get a quote early on in case prices started creeping up. We also did a quick check on Easyjet flights for comparison… Anyone want to hazard a guess at the price difference? Flight £50, train £815… (both prices for 2) It’s terrifying how much more expensive it is to travel in an environmentally friendly way. We haven’t decided what to do yet and will have to look at our budget. Whatever we do it looks as though we may need to ship the tandem instead of travelling with it so that will involve plenty of logistical fun and games!

Tomorrow we leave Trieste to cross the border into Slovenia, but just for a day and by tomorrow evening we will be in Croatia.


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4 Responses to Codroipo to Trieste

  1. Nik says:

    Cycle back! I’ll meet you off the ferry on the Joey!

  2. Dick says:

    Fly and spend the extra £800 on some extra trees.

    That way you’ll have all the convenience and none of the guilt ….

  3. Simon says:

    I’m with Nik, you should cycle back – or if you don’t want to Rachel, you can fly and let John ride back!

  4. Linda says:

    have you tried he reckons £700 oneway, still loads more than the flight, but a little cheaper than you’ve found so far

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