A welcome rest in Codroipo

We had a comfortable 100k ride from Cavallino to Codroipo- nice flat roads and easy navigation. When we arrived, we met Rossella to collect the keys to our friend Sergio’s flat- he has very kindly let us stay for a few days. It has been lovely to have a quiet bit of space, away from the tourists.

On Sunday we took the train on a half day trip into Venice. It was quite cold and wet, so we headed for the Accademia and checked out some art. Then we had some delicious (but expensive) seafood for dinner.

On Monday we made a shorter trip to nearby Udine. Unfortunately not much is open on a Monday morning in Udine, but we did admire the impressive square, and ambled round a slightly baffling exhibition on the past 50 years of Spar shops!

Today has been a gentle day of bike cleaning, exploring Codroipo, eating ice cream and reading. A proper rest day. Thanks again, Sergio!

A long day to Trieste tomorrow, then over some mountain passes through Slovenia into Croatia (not quite alpine in scale but big enough!) So we’re keeping a weather eye on the Bora, a famous katabatic wind on the Croatian coast. Not something you’d want to catch amidships on a tandem, we hear.


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3 Responses to A welcome rest in Codroipo

  1. Nik says:

    I estimate from our enormous not-to-scale wall map from Lidl that you are over half way. Jo wants to know if your legs are tired.

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