Mantova to Ferrara (more riverside goodness)

A chilly but sunny start from our non-normal farming campsite, then into Mantova for some breakfast and a walk around. We’ve seen so many old town centres now we’re getting a bit blasé about them!

We tried to learn the Italian for inner tube today. A halting conversation with a chap in a bike shop suggests you say ‘inner tube’ in your best Italian accent. If you know better, please do correct our mistake!

We summoned up some energy and set off towards the Po along very flat roads – ‘Fen flat’ according to Rachel. Apparently this is a term Norfolkians use for very flat landscapes.

When we found the Po, route-finding became a doddle, as we just whizzed along a cycle track on the top of a flood bank. The Po was very wide, as wide as the Thames in London, and it wound its way slowly over the flat plains. We could easily see why they’d built the flood banks!

Progress was very quick, apart from a headwind which meant we had to pedal quite hard. By the time we got to Ferrara, we’d clocked up 111k, so we felt fairly tired, even though it was all on the flat.

We decided on a rest day today in Ferrara, a good move as we were woken by light rain in the tent. We explored the old town, impressed by the huge brick castle and walls, and an amazing chocolate shop- see photos below.

We headed home early tonight, to do a little bike-fettling and to cook a lovely pasta and mushroom dinner.

We stay beside the Po tomorrow as we head for Chioggia.



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One Response to Mantova to Ferrara (more riverside goodness)

  1. Nik says:

    Talking of bike fettling, Sam W is taking my old Stowaway to France. He’s got his eye on some luminous pink tyres. That man has vision!

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