An accidental mountain stage

We set off from Lago d’Iseo on a lovely sunny morning. We were a bit sorry to leave- any campsite with a beautiful lakeside view, free WiFi and excellent coffee scores pretty highly in our book!

We made our way along quiet but windy roads towards lake Garda. All went swimmingly until we suddenly came across a shockingly big hill, which had us cranking hard in 14! To put that in perspective, we didn’t need to push hard in gear 14 at any point in our alpine pass epic. This little hill was steep!

As we spluttered our way to the top, I noticed a little cricket, clinging to the front of our bike. Perhaps he had been waiting for a lift uphill.
Shortly afterwards, we had to stop to mend a puncture- this time from some wonky rim tape. We’re getting good at repairing them now…

Around the time of our puncture, we picked up the oddest lunch supplies so far- a large bag of ginger biscuits. It was about all we could find in a closed up town.

We needed them, as after about 50k we tackled a big long hill, climbing steadily up the switchbacks for about 10k. Again, not quite what we expected…

The biggest shock of the day came as we headed down the valley towards the shore of lake Garda. Without much warning, we hurtled into a surprise tunnel, which turned out to be 1.5k (a mile) long! It was a dark and scary few minutes, but we pedalled fast and were soon out the other side.

The picturesque final few kms were slightly marred by finding 5 closed campsites- we were starting to eye up olive groves! One of our detours took us to the bottom of a very steep hill. It was so steep, in fact, that on coming back up it (after yet another closed campsite) we had to get off and push for the very first time, a bit of a let-down after a thousand miles of pedalling.

Finally, we got somewhere, with another gorgeous a lake view.


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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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One Response to An accidental mountain stage

  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations on reaching 1,000 miles of pedalling!

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