An accidental cycle path

We pushed on again this morning, leaving Lake Garda and the hills behind us. Our campsite had been on a beautiful spot and as we sat drinking coffee looking at the sun sparkling on the water we couldn’t help but think about what a Monday morning in London would normally have in store for us… we felt very blessed indeed!

We headed south towards Mantova and after some initial navigational difficulties, got ourselves on the right road. We had been planning to wind our way down the valley, following the river Mincio as closely as possible and hoping it would be flat following yesterday’s surprises. We thought we had best look up our intended campsite for this evening to check it was open and on doing so, discovered from their website that there was a cycle route running alongside the river, the whole way to Mantova. A very pleasant surprise-no more tricky navigation and definitely no hills!

We covered the distance easily and the route was lovely. We’re now in a tiny farm campsite just outside Mantova where we got a slightly mixed reception… The first man we spoke to assured us they were open and told us to pitch wherever we wanted to. Shortly after that however, and mid way through pitching, a woman made it clear to us that the site was closed! She obviously didn’t take too much of a dislike to us though as she let us stay and we’re now cosy in our tent. On to Ferrara tomorrow, hopefully via another riverside cycle path.


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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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2 Responses to An accidental cycle path

  1. Felicity McCartney says:

    I’m reading this in Virginia with Marg Fraser. We are travelling to Philly from Knoxville TN where we had the first of a series of FWCC meetings with local Friends. Sheila Hoyer is also involved and we will be together again next weekend!
    Glad to read about your progress – was talking to Alison last Fri before leaving home and she told me she was following you on the blog! All the best for the next phase!
    Love, Felicity

  2. Nik says:

    Blessed? You pays your money you takes your choice. Good choice.

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