Free wi fi means you get more posts!

What with wi fi in the hotel in Bergamo and wi fi at this campsite, we’re doing well with cheap blogging in Italy!

We’ve not come far down the road today, just to Iseo, on Lago d’Iseo. We were feeling strong and would have pressed on further but there was a dearth of campsites between here and Lake Garda, our next stop. So we called it a day at lunchtime and have been wandering around this pretty medieval town and watching the boats on the lake all afternoon.

The roads were much better today, possibly because its Saturday but hopefully because we have been getting more adept at choosing smaller roads!

After our stop in Lake Garda tomorrow we have decided to head south of the city ‘belt’, avoiding some big climbs, hopefully finding quieter roads and approaching Venice via Chioggia from the south.

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One Response to Free wi fi means you get more posts!

  1. anna d says:

    Lake Garda?! I hope that means you’re off to visit Franco =) That’s still on my ‘to do’ list… one day I’ll get there – but not by bicycle that’s for sure. I’m quite enjoying the ride vicariously though, much kinder on my dodgy knees than the real thing would be too. Good effort, I’m well impressed. A xxx

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