Smiling but dripping (why are we here??)

The first thing to say in this blog post is that it is absolutely wonderful to be in Zurich with our lovely friends Kezia and Steve, in their cosy flat with running hot water, good food and more space than a tent! The second thing to say is that getting here was absolutely horrendous…

We set out yesterday morning in light drizzle and overcast skies with an 80km day on the cards, mostly following some of the many Swiss cycle routes to take us directly into Zurich. Our first piece of bad luck was a puncture (our first on the trip – not bad after over 1000km of riding!) but that was fairly simple to fix.

Unfortunately, the second piece of bad luck – the weather- was harder to fix… We stopped for a quick picnic lunch in Frick and then set out again towards the big climb of the day up to Bozen. The rain started to come down harder but we weren’t too worried as we were making good progress and were aiming to be in Zurich by mid afternoon. The third piece of bad luck was a very un-Swiss closure of a cycle route, forcing us on to a much bigger road for the climb (no trifle at about 300m up in 4 or 5km, ie 1200 feet or so in 2 or 3 miles!) By this point, we were pretty wet and really looking forward to a hot shower so of course, instead of whizzing across the map, we got horribly, horribly lost… The town of Brugg was the site of our downfall. We’d lost sight of the little red signs that show the cycle route on smaller roads and all we seemed able to find were very busy big roads leading to the motorway. We circled around and around in the pouring rain for what felt like hours getting colder and wetter and more tired by the minute – I honestly wondered if were ever going to find our way out!

Of course, we did eventually navigate our way on to the right road and pedalled as quick as we could towards Zurich. Luckily, Kezia and Steve live in a northern suburb of Zurich so we didn’t have to navigate our way through the city and we eventually made it to their front door at 6.30pm. The photo below is the resulting drowned rat look – the smiles are pure hysteria… 🙂

An hour or two later we were feeling much more human and have been enjoying the luxuries of indoor living. Unfortunately, the weather is still very wet and it has been snowing on the pass we are intending to climb so we will have to wait and see what the next few days bring.

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One Response to Smiling but dripping (why are we here??)

  1. Harriet Jones says:

    Hope that you have a good rest in Zurich! Bobby and I are flying off to the states on Monday, and I am busy putting Calamity Jane to bed for the winter. I am really enjoying your blog!! lots of love, Harriet

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