Into Switzerland

A gentle start from Joncherey- our legs a bit tired from yesterday. We found a nice scenic road heading east, with only a few ups and downs, which meant we made steady progress towards Basel. As we neared the border the town names shifted from French to German.

We stopped for lunch at a sunny spot with Basel about 15km below us. An hour later the language had abruptly changed to German and we were in the centre of the city, gawping at the giant bike park under the bahnhof, and picking up a city map which was to prove very confusing.

Basel is jammed full of bikes and cycle paths, a bit overwhelming after a week or so of small rural roads in France!

The best moment of our day was a visit to Speicha 36, a little bike shop. The chap there not only trued our back wheel (it needed a little tweak after our spoke incident), but made us a very nice coffee! He then refused to take any payment, but we compromised by buying some oil which he said was ‘good for wives’ because of its nice smell!

We then had a little look round Basel, very impressed by the cable ferry which drifts to and fro on the current of the Rhine, and the Munsterplatz.

Back onto the bike for a supposedly short ride to a campsite at Kaiseraugst, just along the Rhine from Basel. However, the vast number of cycle tracks and some poor signage made progress rather trying.

In the end we pitched up on the bank of the Rhine just before sunset, after many twists and turns, 80k today in all. As we sit in the tent we can hear rowers going past so close, it sounds like they’re rowing round the campsite!

Tomorrow, we aim for Zurich and our lovely friends Kezia and Steve.

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