La Route des Patisseries

A bit of an up and down day today. We left quite late from Luxeil des Bains, sorry that we couldn’t stay a bit longer to try out the baths and stroll round the very old town. Still, we’re about to have a few rest days in Zurich, so we weren’t too bothered about hitting the road. We consoled ourselves with the first of many pastries.

Navigation was tricky today, as big roads bunched together close to the Swiss border. We found our first small road more by luck than good judgement, following a local lad on an ancient shopping bike.

We stopped for lunch at Villersexel, where we were again a bit surprised by the French shutdown from midday to 2pm, which always coincides with when we want to buy some fresh veg! Though the village was small, it contained about the hundredth Turkish kebab place we’ve seen en route. Perhaps they form a continuous chain to Istanbul?

Our afternoon was quite long and hard pedalling, as we wound our way around motorways ever closer to the Swiss border. We had a triumphant moment as we switched from the French map to the Swiss one, though we don’t cross the border until tomorrow. More pastries were consumed in honour of this auspicious moment.

Our long afternoon continued with a steep climb up the roughest road we’ve encountered so far. The shirtless old chap who directed us up it seemed sceptical about whether we’d make it. We did, with some huffing and puffing and lots of bumps on the way down.

It seemed to take forever to reach the campsite at Joncherey, where we were glad to stop with 110k on the clock. Tomorrow, Basel beckons.


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