Spoke too soon…


We managed a much earlier start than usual this morning, leaving the campsite at Neufchateau at 8.45! However, we were slightly thwarted about 10 km down the road when something big hit our back wheel and we realised we’d broken 3 spokes!

It was at this point that John told me he’d never replaced a spoke before… We gave thanks to our good friends Christine, Dick and Lucy for reminding us to pack extra spokes and also to the lovely chap in Bexley Bikes who on discovering he didn’t have any spoke keys to sell, gave us one for free from his own tool kit. We then set about learning how to replace spokes… Turns out its not so hard and we were back on the road within half an hour.

Our next adventure of the day involved the Gendarmes. We has innocently set off up a road signposted towards the town we were headed for when we heard sirens behind us and realised they were for us! Turns out the road we were on turned into a motorway and cycles weren’t allowed on it.

We have been riding the ‘thermal route’ today where every town name ends in ‘les bains’ and has a thermal spring. We refilled our water bottles from a public fountain (see pic) and sampled some lovely cakes made with local honey. Said cakes were amusingly named Nonettes de Miel, which I think roughly translates to honey farts…! 

So now we’re in Luxeil les Bains after a 110km day with lots of ascents and descents and beautiful scenery. The weather has been really beautiful in recent days, so much so that Rachel’s nose is almost the same colour as her top on the attached photo… (Better Banskside chaps, hope you’re impressed with how on brand I am 🙂

And tomorrow we head towards the Rhine for a hopefully flat approach into Zurich.

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7 Responses to Spoke too soon…

  1. Alison Fitzgerald says:

    Its good to be able to follow your adventures now that I have my computer back

  2. Chrisstine Kemp says:

    Dear Rachel and John

    I have been an avid reader of your adventures and was pretty impressed with your update today. Just 30 minutes to put new spokes in and being chased by the police and not locked up. All much more exciting than sitting in an office even though I was secretly planning a cruise for this weekend.

    The City Mill Lock is at last available although training won’t be until later in October. Our first cruise is this Sunday – only 3 boats so far but we are going to the Fat Cat for a Sunday Roast and hopefully Miles will take the usual pictures which we can send to you.

    Happy cycling


  3. Hi Rach and John
    How much did Giles offer for the on-brand nose? Like the on-brand buildings as well in same photo! Glad to hear you’re having a blast…
    Look forward to following your trip

  4. Nik says:

    Looking good on that fountain Rachel. Give John a bit o’ fruit/salad for me.

  5. Giles says:

    Branded or not, I can only say that said comment about the wife’s nose would not go unpunished in our household…

    But Val, those buildings are NOT on brand:

    Pantone Rhodamine Red
    Four colour process:
    C: 3 M: 89 Y: 0 K: 0
    Screen colour:
    R: 216 G: 38 B: 115

    John understands these things.

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