Foggy but not soggy

We woke up to an all-enveloping fog this morning at Dun-sur-Meuse. It was rather chilly, too. We set off wrapped up in gloves and fluorescent yellow vests. The fog stayed around for a while, but it was very pretty as it lifted off the Meuse.

We passed a lot of war graves en route to Verdun. Hard to believe so much blood was spilt in such an ordinary landscape.

We reached Verdun in dire need of some calories – anyone who has cycled on ’empty’ for a bit must know that wobbly feeling. We filled up again with omelettes at a café overlooking the Meuse, feeling quite chilly when the sun disappeared. We rolled off again, planning a second lunch at Saint Mihiel, another 30k up the river, to fortify us for a final burst of another 30k. We’ve been getting accustomed to 100k days, you see! However, our legs began to protest, even though it was fairly flat.

With 70k on the clock, we stopped at Saint Mihiel at about 4pm, enjoying a bit of sunbathing by the river. We pitched up at a rather noisy campsite (lots of dogs and families who converse by shouting) and wolfed down some risotto garnished with sardines- the supper of champions!

A nice chat with a German-American guy whilst bike fettling (John was twiddling the eccentric bottom brackets if you’re into that kind of thing). The German-American was impressed with our plan.

Oddly enough, not many people have asked where we’re riding to so far. Perhaps we should make a sign? But that might breach our English modesty, and lead to questions that would reveal our foolishness…


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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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