A new land speed record for the Fitzgerald Freewheel

59 kph!! We found a great stretch of really straight road today, loads of hillocky ups and downs and hardly any traffic. That’s the problem with long switchbacking descents, you have to brake for the corners!

The ride today from Montherme to Dun-sur-Meuse was lovely. Another 100km so pretty tiring but very satisfying. Lots of little training hills (although those hillocky ups and downs got pretty exhausting after a while…) and a campsite on a lake to end the day. At this rate, we’re on track for being in Zurich next weekend.

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4 Responses to A new land speed record for the Fitzgerald Freewheel

  1. Margaret says:

    Are you providing any kind of e map for your followers? Or do we have to follow the old fashioned way?

  2. petcor1@metronet.co.uk says:

    Blimey Rachel & John,

    At this rate perhaps the itinary could be extended to Bejiing?



  3. Valentina says:

    Hi Rachel and John,

    Any news on whether you will be coming to Croatia and when that might be? Let me know. We will be in between Bol and Zagreb this month as we need to make two journeys as we have so much stuff to take back to Zagreb!

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