Two very different days

We nearly didn’t blog about Tuesday. The journey from Beloeil to Solre le Chateau was unremarkable, if not a bit of a slog. Some busy roads, a headwind, punctuated by several ‘villes de chav’. We ended up at a campsite that was a bit ‘normal for Norfolk’. When I went to settle up this morning, the gasp and tutting of the patron suggested he had never seen a 20 euro note before in his life. He laboriously counted out 16 euro in small change from a battered biscuit tin. The change rattled in our bar bag for much of today, but provided a ready supply for tips at bars and cafes where we’ve been attracting odd glances. The best bits about Solre le Chateau were the delightfully cheap camping and the incredibly wonky church spire. Of course, we didn’t talk to each other about any of the bad bits yesterday, for fear of sapping morale.

Today however was so much better in comparison that we were able to slag off yesterday with impunity! Smooth switchbacking roads through sunlit-dappled forests; loads of amazing descents but even the ascents felt easy without the headwind of yesterday. And to top the day off, a fabulous, flat cycle path following the beautiful Ardennes canal in evening sun that took us to the exact spot we wanted to stop! Another 100k plus day when we reached Montherme, but the last two hours were a breeze.  Definitely our favourite day of the adventure so far.


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philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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3 Responses to Two very different days

  1. Jean Parton says:

    I am following you with great interest and love your ‘turn of phrase’ when explaining your adventure. Thinking of you often. Love to you both,

  2. Dad says:

    Yup, we’re all enjoying the posts – guess you’ll have “superman” thumbs by the end of the trip. Don’t know whether anyone else has said but the blog is not coming through as an email the last 2 or 3 times and also once last week. Lots of love Dad and Mum

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