Day 2: Whitstable to Martin Mill

Late departure, wriggling bike down a tiny alleyway from the house where we stayed. Sustrans rage factor 5 as we encountered a flight of 8 steps on a supposed ‘cycle route’.

The pace picked up as we found a B road and got over the hill to Canterbury, where we stopped for a coffee in un café français ou il faut parler francais. Une bonne pratique pour les semaines suivantes!

Lunch in Canterbury stretched out over 3 hours, as we posted home some excess layers that we packed in a fit of enthusiasm. The advantage of a shorter cycling day (just 45k today) is all the extra faffage time. Out of Canterbury, we tackled an interminable series of small kentish hills, big enough to get the thighs burning but no view or sense of achievement, apart from when we glimpsed the sea from the final few summits. West Kent CTC take note: there is hard riding to be had in the East!

We got to our campsite a few kilometres out of Dover at a very civilised 430pm. Sadly the campsite shop was rather limited in stock (lots of tinned potatoes and corned beef). We settled for pasta with tinned sausages and beans. The windproof shorts will be tested tomorrow, as we catch the ferry and cycle along the canal to Bruges. Let’s hope for cycle routes free of narrow gates and steps!


About johnfitzgerald

philosopher, husband, designer, photographer, quaker, cyclist, canal-boat dweller
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3 Responses to Day 2: Whitstable to Martin Mill

  1. Margaret says:

    There is so much lack of imagination in many campsite and youth hostel shops. Almost as depressing as motorway service areas. There must be an opportunity for someone with imagination to find and stock non-perishable gourmet food.

  2. Nik says:

    Reckon Rachel might want you to wear your windproof shorts tonight.

  3. Gordy says:

    Good luck guys! I’m already an avid fan of your blog-keep the info coming!

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